Monday, 18 July 2011


Saturday's supperclub was a wonderful success...

Lovely, lovely people, great atmosphere, lots of laughs and a menu that went down particularly well it seems. Here's what they had...

Black velvets with Irish oysters baked three ways. (Caper, white wine and shallot, parmesan and pepper and tarragon and garlic breadcrumb.)

Slow-baked sticky breast of lamb with samphire and a warm potato salad.

A triple chocolate paté with homemade biscuits. (Vanilla, Pistachio, coconut and maple.)

A very British cheeseboard.

(I had got the samphire from the wholesalers and got 3kg of the stuff, so thrust it into the hands of guests as they left - unusual party bag, but hopefully some tasty meals to be made!)

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