Friday, 23 July 2010

Singles night at the supperclub...

So, maybe I was wrong to assume that this singles supperclub would be more about the loving than the food, or maybe it's just difficult to really impress with retro classics (no, I don't know why I chose a 70s theme either!) but I worried incessantly about the food at Saturday's singles supperclub so much so I forgot to photograph much of it!

Some keen guests arrived donned in 70s maxi dresses and florals shirts, with others taking a more backseat approach to the theme (I just dug out the only remotely retro outfit I had that wasn't firmly placed in the 50s or 60s), but with a glass of fruit punch in hand and a sunny back garden to sit in, everyone got into the swing of things.

I had just won the original 70s punch bowl set with matching glasses at the coolest of cool Americana and Bluegrass festival at the Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green, so was keen to use it, but having had many dodgy punch experiences myself, opted for a simple sparkling rose and fruit juice with a slosh of favourite gin for good 'punch' measure. To accompany the aperitif, I served party classic and personal favourite – the cheese and pineapple hedgehog.

After some garden mingling guests were seated (this time in my lounge as the weather was looking foreboding all afternoon) to a sumptuous and generous version of prawn cocktail (some served in brandy glasses), with irish soda bread and homemade mayonnaise.

Quickly followed an admittedly slightly overcooked coq au vin, (cod au vin for the fish-only eaters... a moniker that amused the masses no end), served in good old fashioned 70s style with garden peas and new potatoes, not forgetting the ample amounts of curly-leaf parsley sprinkled on top. Alison Steadman's character in Abigail's Party would have been proud.

Dessert was individual black forest gateaus with a generous kirsch kick. (What is it with me and booze puds?)

What with the disco mix on the stereo and the retro classic fare there had simply been enough cheese, so sprightly (read = drunk) singles opted to pop off for a late one at the local pub.

Sadly the lovely Orchard was closing so we had no choice (in high heels) but to pop into the barge for a rosé for the road.

A fun time was had by all (judging my the cackling laughter, rolling conversation and big smiles at the pub), though who knows if i'll be donning a Cilla hat as well as a 70s Delia pinny...?

Any burgeoning love singles? You tell me!