Sunday, 27 February 2011

"The last of the winter..."

The first supperclub in sunny Muswell Hill (if you say it's sunny enough times, one day you'll believe it), went very well.

The theme of 'The Last of the Winter" was a hearty affair, but began with a slightly passé but lovely goats cheese and parmesan pudding (which was actually a soufflé, I just didn't want to say that!). I served that hot and only slightly dipped in the middle (they wouldn't sit down when I asked them to!) with a warm pear, watercress and walnut salad (served with a rapeseed oil dressing).

The main was actually a three pie affair. There was one veggie I knew about, but another I didn't so some last-minute mushroom, chestnut and tarragon pie filling was whipped up to solve the problem. After the veggie version, pie two was a slow cooked game pie in a rich port and thyme gravy. Nice, but even after 5 hours melding together some bits (maybe rabbit) we still tough as old boots. Oh well, onwards to the special but of fun... the squirrel pie!

I made a big one, and stuck a herby tail in one end after having run out of time and being unable to remember what the silhouette of a squirrel looked like in order to make a little squirrel decoration...! Maybe that would have been a little too crude too, though I guess the tail was hardly respectful of the veggies! (Who, I should point out, were very decent, even in the event of teasing).

Squirrel itself doesn't taste of much, though I was told it tasted rather like frogs legs (i.e. bland).

Dessert was a double ginger cake (stem ginger as well as dried) with port-mulled blackberries and a pear cream. Yum. (Though a little charred on top, I cut that off and pretended nothing had happened. That'll teach me to think I've time to whip on a frock just as it's due to come out of the oven!)

Anyway, as it was a smaller than usual supperclub with just 6 guests this time, the happily sozzled bunch embarked on a game of trivial pursuits and chatted until well gone one. Sorry lovely neighbour!

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