Monday 11 March 2013


Soooo sorry for the extended break.

We've gone through four house moves, two marriages and an awfully long time... but we're back (in Brockley) and ready to host supperclub fun for the great and the good of South East London.

Our first night is 23rd March, 7pm, and we're taking bookings now!

Please email to book.

Names will be put in a hat and you'll be notified if you're on the list (or the reserve list).

The deal is you get 4 courses (or thereabouts), for a donation of £25, bring your own booze, and we'll give you address details once you're booked in, (but it's in between Brockley and New Cross at the bottom of Telegraph Hill).

See you soon!

Julie & Sophie

Sunday 6 November 2011

Oct 1st singles night...

Always one to be honest, I have to confess that last month's supperclub wasn't my most successful (food-wise).

It began with a pasta distaster, the pasta machine I thought I had in my bottom drawer was, in fact, 3 hours away, so I had to attempt to roll it all out my hand (or arm, really), which resulted in tasty shoe leather.

Things didn't get much better with my main, where I accidentally ordered three-times more fish than I needed and struggled to find room for 90 fillets of sea bream... then for dessert, the semi-freddo was far more semi than freddo!

Oh well, it all actually tasted good, and I can only put it all down to temporary insanity, which thankfully has now gone!

The menu was:
Antipasti (of queen olives, parma ham, octopus, caper berries, mozzarella, roasted peppers and salami) with courgette gorgonzola and sundried tomato rolls (forgot to photograph, though they looked lovely and were a great success).

Three cheese and wild mushroom ravioli with a lemon, sage and marjoram sauce.

Baked Sea Bream with roasted cherry tomatoes and black olives served with a big green salad.

Fig and frangipani tarts with semi-freddo and vodka espresso.


Oh, one more thing however – there was a burgeoning romance from two of the attendees (I later heard), which is great news, and may be my first singles night success!).


Saturday 3 September 2011

New date!


The next supperclub will be the 1st October. It'll be a singles event this time, so if you want to meet local foodie people for an evening of something a little different, book now (email

Oh, and we always struggle to find enough men, so bring along a single male friend if you can. (Or just tell every lovely s
ingle bloke you know...)

We're in Muswell Hill (just off the hill) and a donation of £25 covers four courses (or thereabouts, depending on cuisine), and bring your own wine.

Book now. Spaces are very limited.

Thanks! Julie & Sophie. xxx

Monday 18 July 2011


Saturday's supperclub was a wonderful success...

Lovely, lovely people, great atmosphere, lots of laughs and a menu that went down particularly well it seems. Here's what they had...

Black velvets with Irish oysters baked three ways. (Caper, white wine and shallot, parmesan and pepper and tarragon and garlic breadcrumb.)

Slow-baked sticky breast of lamb with samphire and a warm potato salad.

A triple chocolate paté with homemade biscuits. (Vanilla, Pistachio, coconut and maple.)

A very British cheeseboard.

(I had got the samphire from the wholesalers and got 3kg of the stuff, so thrust it into the hands of guests as they left - unusual party bag, but hopefully some tasty meals to be made!)

Thursday 14 July 2011

Argh! Cancellations!

That means we still have 3 spaces for Saturday night if you'd like to come... book now! x

Tuesday 5 July 2011

New date!

We're nearly booked up already for the 16th July... there are a couple of spaces left, so please email me at if you'd like to come.



Sunday 27 February 2011

"The last of the winter..."

The first supperclub in sunny Muswell Hill (if you say it's sunny enough times, one day you'll believe it), went very well.

The theme of 'The Last of the Winter" was a hearty affair, but began with a slightly passé but lovely goats cheese and parmesan pudding (which was actually a soufflé, I just didn't want to say that!). I served that hot and only slightly dipped in the middle (they wouldn't sit down when I asked them to!) with a warm pear, watercress and walnut salad (served with a rapeseed oil dressing).

The main was actually a three pie affair. There was one veggie I knew about, but another I didn't so some last-minute mushroom, chestnut and tarragon pie filling was whipped up to solve the problem. After the veggie version, pie two was a slow cooked game pie in a rich port and thyme gravy. Nice, but even after 5 hours melding together some bits (maybe rabbit) we still tough as old boots. Oh well, onwards to the special but of fun... the squirrel pie!

I made a big one, and stuck a herby tail in one end after having run out of time and being unable to remember what the silhouette of a squirrel looked like in order to make a little squirrel decoration...! Maybe that would have been a little too crude too, though I guess the tail was hardly respectful of the veggies! (Who, I should point out, were very decent, even in the event of teasing).

Squirrel itself doesn't taste of much, though I was told it tasted rather like frogs legs (i.e. bland).

Dessert was a double ginger cake (stem ginger as well as dried) with port-mulled blackberries and a pear cream. Yum. (Though a little charred on top, I cut that off and pretended nothing had happened. That'll teach me to think I've time to whip on a frock just as it's due to come out of the oven!)

Anyway, as it was a smaller than usual supperclub with just 6 guests this time, the happily sozzled bunch embarked on a game of trivial pursuits and chatted until well gone one. Sorry lovely neighbour!